What is this?

You are a lizard with incredible climbing capabilities and a big heart. Save the little pink ball of joy from its hot, lava-based demise before it's too late. Skilfully climb up towards the exit, but be careful, it ain't easy being sleezy, especially when the others don't appreciate you helping only one of them. Climb from face to face, avoid obstacles and try not to die, because if you do, your damsel will die. You too, but the damsel is arguably more important. So god-speed and good luck, may you use your lizardness wisely.

How to Play

You can either be a lizard all by yourself, or share half of the lizard's brain with someone you like! Grab the monsters by the face and climb up. Push down on the joysticks to pull up quickly, and if you let go at the right moment, your lizard body will jump higher than any other lizard did before. Really. So high. But what if I don't have a second controller? No problem! Just let your better half hold one side of the controller and try not to get mad when they inevitably make mistakes. But what if I don't have a friend I like? Easy! Play the game with someone you hate. It makes the tense moments that much more meaningful. But what if - Yes, you can play alone too. To win you need to reach the top of the level. Easy, right? Have fun lizarding around!



Tamara Moss, Catalin Palagic

All visuals and code were made by us. Audio files come from GDC Game Audio Bundles.





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Tamara Moß

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Catalin Palagic

2D Artist

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