You are a guard at a secret military research facility testing alien organisms. During your lunch break you hear the alarm go off, but you don't mind it, it's just a test. When you step into the hallway, however, you find it empty. Everyone is gone, the facility is under lockdown and all doors are locked. The test subjects must have escaped and you idiot didn't evacuate when you had the chance. Now you're standing here with nothing but a pistol in the middle of an alien invasion and the only way to get out of here is to find the key cards that can overwrite the lockdown procedure and open the exit gates.


I made this game as part of a solo project for my second semester at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. It is made solely with the Monogame framework and no additional libraries that aren't part of XNA or Monogame themselves. I created it over the course of one semester by myself, taking only sounds, fonts and photo textures from external sources. Code, models, animations, UI elements and all other textures were made by me for this project.


WASD - Movement Left Click - Shoot Right Click - Unlock R - Reload Esc - Pause


Music: "Torn Flesh" by Karl Casey from White Bat Audio SFX: "Ultimate SFX Bundle" by Sidearm Studios Photo Textures: from Texturise Key card Texture: from MyFreeTextures Font: "Evil Empire" by Tup Wanders on Fontspace

Gameplay Footage