About American Fishing

American Fishing is not your conventional fishing game, unfortunately your fishing rod got lost in the deep sea and because of that you had to get creative. Obvious solution: just grab your good old Shotgun from the truck and show these fish who the boss is.


Your character is positioned on a pier above the water and can move horizontally, as stated above the character is utilizing a shotgun. As the fish keep swimming underneath the pier, you can aim at any one of those fish or at a group of fish and take a shot. What happens after shooting depends on the bullet that was shot. In general, you get rewarded with points for hitting a fish and with even more points if you hit many fish in a row without missing. It is recommended to not wait long between each shot, since playing in a fast pace will result in a higher score. The game ends once you run out of bullets or "give up" via the pause menu.


In this section I will shortly explain the difference between the two types of bullets you may use.

Standard bullet: This bullet kind of behaves as you would expect, it fires towards the position you aimed at, has constant speed and if it hits a fish, both the fish and the bullet disappear. Managing to hit a fish with this type of bullet grants you points up to 5 points, depending on how deep the fish is swimming and removes 1 bullet from your magazine. Additionally, you gain +1 combo per hit, more about this in the "Combo" section below. Shooting with this ammunition has a rather low cooldown between each shot. Piercing bullet: This bullet works differently; you can think of it as high risk - high reward. Let us start with the bad news, shooting has a higher cooldown, 2 bullets are removed from your magazine with each shot, and it doesn't always go exactly where you aimed at. Also, there is a slight difference in speed with each shot, but this could be seen as positive in some cases. Speaking of positives, hitting a fish does not stop the bullet, which means you can potentially hit up to 5 fish but only use 2 ammunition points! Each hit also grants you double the score compared to a normal bullet and also grows your combo twice as fast.

Combo System

We now know that hitting fish gives you combo points, but how exactly does a high combo score help you? Obviously, you start with combo 0, as your combo points rise you won't instantly see any changes to your score. Only once the combo gets reset, the combo points you managed to get will be added to the current score. Every 10 combo points the multiplicator for gaining these points also rises, meaning at combo 10 you will receive +2 points for hitting with a standard bullet, a piercing bullet gives you double the points, in this case +4 per fish hit. The combo points and the multiplicator get reset to 0 if any bullet you fire does not hit at least 1 fish, this can happen quite often with the piercing bullet due to its "inaccuracy" so be careful! But as mentioned the combo points will still be added to your current score. Don't worry if you run out of bullets, this also resets the combo and adds the combo points to your score. Another system that resets the combo to 0 is if you have not fired any type of bullet for the past 3 seconds. This has been implemented to stop players from waiting until the fish align to easily hit 5 fish with a pierce bullet.


Character movement Using A and D allows you to move the character horizontally along the pier. Shotgun control The shotgun will always aim towards your MOUSE POSITION, so simply move your cursor and the shotgun will follow it. Shooting The LEFT CLICK on your mouse shoots a standard bullet, RIGHT CLICK results in a piercing bullet being fired. Ingame Press ESCAPE to pause the game.


Short gameplay insight