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In 2012, my father murdered his ex-partner. To confront myself with the past, my guilty conscience and what it did to my relationship with my father, I travel to Norway, where everything happened. This documentary follows my journey to deal with the ramifications of the murder my Dad committed on his ex-partner, Anna, in 2012. Nightmares were playing in my head: How did he kill her? I think Dad was terribly sad He wouldn't look at us in court Questions are echoing through my meetings with friends and family in Norway. What had Dad actually planned? What did I lose? And what did it do to my relationship with my Dad? I want to write a letter to Anna I want to tell her that I'm sorry, because... If I had said something, this might not have happened Images of wooded hills and snow-covered fields. The fog is creeping in between the mountains. I'm bathing in a lake while it rains. I feel like I have to protect Papa from pain I feel trapped in a reverse parental role It's difficult to put the pieces together... Dad will always be Dad And he killed Anna Making this film helps me to see the other side of Dad The documentary deals with the effects of generational trauma, loss, feelings of guilt and the complex roles between parents and children. And perhaps the core of my search is the question of who I really want to be.