Tennō is a city-building real-time strategy multiplayer game set in feudal Japan. Focusing on city-building and economy, the player builds their City on a local map but can trade with others. The player gathers and manages resources and is responsible for the city’s economic growth and management strategy. They experience the challenge to build a city and sustain a thriving economy, focusing on trading with other players rather than fighting them. A focus of the game design will be accessibility, evaluating our design choices, taking in consideration that some people might not be able to see as we do. We will examine different impairments that could keep players from being able to play the game or make it harder or exhausting for them. Our design will explore the possibilities there are to make a game more accessible in general, or, if that is not possible, look into options to give players the possibility to adjust the game to their needs.


Low Poly

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Open Positions

UI Designer Lighting Artist




Thomas Schneidergruber

Game Design

Game Programmierung

Alexander Paul Auberger

Game Design

Game Programmierung

Angela Prager

Character Design

Character Modeling

3D Artist

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Stefanie Thiel

Art Direction

Environment Modeling


3D Artist