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Die Zukunft des Playbooks beginnt jetzt

Wir übernehmen das Organisatorische, damit sich American Football Trainer*innen darauf konzentrieren können, Meisterschaften zu gewinnen.

Fieldmaster ist eine Webanwendung, mit der American Football Teams ihre Spielzüge verwalten können. Trainer*innen können Spielzüge erstellen und bearbeiten. Spieler*innen können diese ansehen, kommentieren und lernen.

What is fieldmaster?

The future of the playbook starts now

Drawing plays has never been so easy.

We like to save time as much as you do. That is why we have designed an editor with which you can bring your ideas to your team as quickly as possible.

Never hand out papers again.

Save your printer and your nerves. With Fieldmaster, your team is always up to date (even outside of training).

Together for better results

Think with other coaches what the move to touchdown is missing. The comment function allows you to get feedback, ask questions and refine strategies.

Videos, voice recordings, files. Everything in one place.

Every software reaches its limits. That's why we give you the opportunity to share any files with your team with just a few clicks.

Full transparency, but only if you want it to.

You decide what your team can see and what is only for you. You can leave moves unpublished so you can try out new things without getting your team involved.

Stay clear in your head.

We have made everything as clear as possible. So that you can still find all your plays easily in the future, we have perfected the overview in speed and simplicity.



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