About the game

Missile Command 360 is a local (2P) multiplayer game loosely based on the original Missile Command from Atari! Grab another player and give it your best.
And here is the twist: After one round you switch places with your enemy!

Get them points:
-Survive a round as Defender
-Hit the Defender 25 times as Attacker

Optimized for Xbox Controllers!
A - place your target as defender or shoot your missile as attacker.
START - continue in menus
SELECT - go back in menus

Missile Command 360 wurde im Rahmen des Bachelorstudiengangs MultiMediaTechnology der Fachhochschule Salzburg als MultiMediaProjekt 1 entwickelt.

Fabian Linzbauer, 2020

Background ist eine veränderte Version von ansimuz' Space Background;, License (CC0)
Verwendete Schriftart ist "Kenney Fonts";, License (CC0)
Sound von von Usern:
Swiss Arcade Game Entertainment, frelon-k-games, gooseninja, jonathan-so