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In Austria, 157,000 food items that are edible are thrown away every year. Existing offers in Austria, especially in the city of Salzburg, are not sufficiently accepted by the generation Y / Z. APPs like Too Good To Go, All You Can Share, Share Your Food or OLIO, have not been able to catch on yet.

Lack of simpleness and easiness in the product like ...​
… access, operation, design, appeal, awareness, ...​

The challange of the Social Hackathon 2020 is to design an innovative product that aims to rase awareneess for sustainable food use. ​

Our product should have a innovative, simple and attractive design ...​
… It is easy​
… It is uncomplicated​
… Everyone can join and participate​

And this is the beginning of "if it was easy, everyone would do it, Foodo!"

About Foodo:
- Super simple app​
- Find food near your location​
- Tinder-like swiping​
- Radar function​
- Upload own unused food​
- Chat with your matches