Cyber Prog - Final Boss

MultiMediaArt, 2020

A Progresive Rock Ep, with Djent and Metal influences, Follow the heroes Journey to escape the graps of the Evil Robot Deamon Boss

Boss fight EP



As a rock guitar player I always wanted to compose something that will test my skills as a guitar player and producer, Technical and complex music like Progressive Rock, Djent and Techno are Genres I enjoy listening to. Also, i like videogames and the tension and challenges hard video games create while playing them. Music, of course, is a big element to this tension so I thought : “how cool would it be to make a Bossfight EP”. Musically the Tracks follow a variety of complex Rhythmic Patterns Mixed with Synths and Sequencers to give the sound a more Cybernetic aspect. The EP itself is almost entirely Instrumental. The only voices heard are the final Boss or the Hero in Sporadic moments. As we all know videogames like to make life hard and epic as we approach the ending, and Bosses generally don't die Once, there is always a trick or a trap that leads into the “True form” of the boss. To emphasize this the music goes up in BMP and complexity. As a personal Project, the album is also Guitar Based, meaning melodies are played by the electric guitar and solos, and sound and everything is guitar, guitar is the best, guitar is number 1 :P. Challenges: First of all the composition, Starting from 0 after a past project had to be cancelled due to the current situation, making this a bit tense at the beginning. This tension became passion and Ideas Started to flow, then failed and then worked. I am not a Drummer! , Creating Virtual drums not using samples can be quite a time consuming, also drums tend to sound too monotonous and lifeless. Not having a fixed working environment, the first half of the project I did while backpacking since I had no home for a while, but was also a really good learning experience, to produce on the road and to find spaces to record. As creative technical but also flawed in many ways this project was a truly personal journey to make and had a lot of fun doing it. Like playing a video game. Recorded: Studio One 4, Instruments: Schecter Hellraiser C -1FR , Harley Benton B - 550, Arturia Keylab Essential B61, T Bone EM 9600 Mic VST: Guitar Rig 5, Arturia Analog Lab 4, EZdrummer, MaiTai, Harmonizer H910 Composed, Performed and Produced: Michael Zehdnicker