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Colour Instinct is designed for creative masterminds and serves as a network for artists from all around the world. Even though there are numerous enormously talented people, only a few get the chance to share their art with others. Therefore, the main goal is that unnoticed artists receive the recognition they deserve.

The principle behind Colour Instinct is rather simple. Weekly, a challenge is posed that the users ought to artistically implement. The topic is randomly chosen and can be an object, a feeling, an animal or even a character - to keep it short: be open for surprises. When finished with painting and drawing, as many corresponding artworks as wanted can be submitted within the week of this specific challenge. You can even leave your personal footprint on our website by leaving a signature when uploading your masterpiece! Subsequently, other fellow users can rate those submissions with hearts.

Finally, the ten most liked posts are displayed in our virtual ranking and given the appreciation they deserve.Do not worry - you can still admire and show love for all uploaded pieces of art in the easiest way possible. In our gallery, all of the previous challenges and corresponding artworks are listed and waiting for you to be discovered! We are eager to invite you to stumble over newcoming artists or even find talent and passion in yourself.