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About the Game

Block Ship Royale is multiplayer, battle royale style, game where you need to build your own spaceship and fight off against others to be the last one surviving. You collect and arrange blocks to improve your spaceship. When coming in contact with other players you need to deceide if you want to fight or flee to fight another day. During those situations you can try to attach some of your blocks to the enemy to outmaneuver and destroy them or get away unharmed. Can you manage to use your wits, tactics, strategy as well as execution to surpass all others and remain the last one standing?

Attaching Blocks

Fly into floating blocks to attach them to your ship

Rearrange and Align

Move and roate blocks to utilize your resources and have them fit to the needs of your strategy and playstyle

Collect and Grow

Manipulate Your Enemy

Attach your blocks to enemy ships to mess up their plans and open up weaknesses



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Game Design

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