Above The Clouds | MMP3

The goal of every Kumonian is to climb the sacred tree which resides in the middle of the floating islands above the clouds. There is just one problem. Apparently no one has ever managed to reach the top. Alizeh, accompanied by a mysterious spirit, called an “aer”, is trying to find her way to the top as well. They have to find their way from island to island as the way becomes harder to traverse. However, they are not alone. Alizeh has a deep connection to the creatures living in the sky as she is a very kind and loving person. Can Alizeh be the first person ever to reach the treetop?

With a beautiful aesthetic and a calming soundtrack this game is supposed to relax the player while still posing a bit of a challenge. It is not easy to climb trees thousands of meters above the ground after all.


Anonyme Person



3D Artist


Raphael Strodl


3D Artist

Game Design

Level Design

Diana Maria Michaela Wermescher



3D Artist

Hanna Kuppelwieser

Character Modeling

2D Artist

3D Artist

Concept Art

Sabrina Gschwendtner Profile Picture
Sabrina Gschwendtner

Game Programmierung

Kuo Shin Liao Profile Picture
Kuo Shin Liao

Game Programmierung