Project Zugspiel


MultiMediaTechnology & MultiMediaArt, 2019

To understand the wonderfully ambiguous german game title "Zugspiel", one must know that a player's turn is called "Zug" in german and also means train. Therefore, "Zugspiel" describes not only the tricky turn-based 2-player strategy game but also suggests the to-date unknown importance of the game board circling train.

The Game

In this 2 player game, the teams start opposing each other on a small game field. The rules may be simple: either kill the enemy's king or take the enemy's home base to win. But as so often, the devil is in the detail.

The game board consists of different game tiles including some of which rise and lower during the game. Only each team's jumper, carrying a baseball bat, can jump onto elevated blocks.

Move with Forethought

To make this game more challenging. There is only a restricted amount of movement patterns available. These movement cards are clearly visible to all players. Once a movement card is used, it is discarded and therefore made available for the enemy. Keep this in mind, when you plan your next moves, because your enemy knows exactly your options.


This game was inspired by the boardgame "Onatami". We adapted this game by adding different special team member (jumpers) and rising board tiles.


A local turn-based strategy game for 2 players.

This game was developed in C# and Unity at FH Salzburg within a week in the fourth semester of our bachelor programme (2018).



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Philipp Sigl


Game Design

Game Programmierung

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David Cukrowicz


Game Design

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