Project Hunters and Prey

Hunters and Prey

MultiMediaTechnology, 2019

Hunters and Prey is a fast-paced, online-multiplayer, 2d-shooter. Play as one of 7 unique heroines and defeat your foes in an epic battle-royale or a classic deathmatch. How to run/play: Server Setup: “Server.exe” starts a standalone headless server. To connect to that server the following must be configured: • Port 30 000 has to be exempt in the firewall for UDP (for the PC running the server) • Either every client must be in the same local area network as the server, or additional configuration has to be done on the host's router (port-forwarding, address must be known) • In each "config.txt" the clients have to enter the correct server-IP (the IPv4-address of the server pc, find via ipconfig-command in a terminal) • A username has to be entered in config.txt • Important: Do not add additional newlines or special characters (eg. „/“,“|“, etc….) • "Character selection" is only supported via changing the "voicepack" in config.txt. Enter one of the following names in the line with "voicepack": „daniela“, „iris“, „johannes“, „jessica“, „christiane“, „sophie“, „michaela“ Additionally, in „serverconfig.txt“ the gamemode and wincondition can be configured (same rules apply as with the username). 1. gamemode=battleroyale a. A simple battle royale mode (Last man standing = winner) 2. gamemode=deathmatch a. Deathmatch until the wincondition is reached (eg. „condition=30“ means the wincondition is the first player to reach 30 kills) Game Setup: If the server is running and properly configured "HuntersAndPrey.exe" can be run. In the main menu the uppermost button is for connecting to the server. The scoreboard in the top right corner indicates a successful connection (your username should be displayed). When all players are connected one player can press "M" do display a start button in the upper left corner. Press it once to start. Controls: WASD: Movement, Left Mouse: Fire, Scrollwheel: Zoom HUD controls: P: Toggle scoreboard visibility






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