MultiMediaTechnology, 2017


Umbra Gameplay


Escape the labyrinth! The shadows will be your undoing, strive for the light. Umbra is a mobile puzzle game focused on light and shadow. Move the player character through a maze by drawing the path. But beware, avoid the shadow or perish. Tap light sources to let them traverse along preset waypoints, create your path through the level. Use your wits and timing to conquer the challenges the maze offers.

About the shadows...

Neither Unity not UnrealEngine support dynamic shadows with movable light sources, therefore we created our very own lighting system to fit our needs. This system allows multiple lights with variable color to run smooth on PC and mobile.

Technical information

Umbra was create for Android Phones and Tablets, using the Unreal Engine. The shadows were achieved through a custom pipeline.



Neil Frederic Doppelmayr Profile Picture
Neil Frederic Doppelmayr

Game Programmierung

Level Design


Florian Stadlberger

Grafik und Animation

Game Programmierung