Project HEC


MultiMediaTechnology, 2017


In the year 2217 the technology has advanced to point where mankind has made it possible to build Androids - Humanlike Robots. The project HEC (Human Entertainment Computer) was created where the cyborgs are used for mere Entertainment. They are able to feel emotions, think for themselves and learn new abbilities. Android Ars has enough from being a slave and wants to be free and see the world in all its beauty. He escapes and his journey for freedom begins.


HEC is a sidescroller/jump 'n' run where the character can't be moved. The player has to load commands in a queue. There are keypoints throughout one level. On this keypoints the commands are executed in the order the queue was filled. The amount of commands is limited therefore the player needs to pay attention on how many he still has left. The game is over when you hit an enemy or fall down.


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