MultiMediaTechnology, 2017


C.U.B.E.S is a VR-Puzzle Game developed for the HTC-Vive. The player finds himself in a cryptic labyrinth of rooms and riddles. The goal is to complete each room and their tasks, in order to maybe find a way out of the complex. The gameplay consists of various rooms, which represent in themselves a puzzle. Every one of them uses a different gameplay features. Logic, combinatorial skills and stamina are necessary to solve the tasks and move forward from room to room. The diversity ranges from rooms in darkness and light over Laser barriers up to gravity and time. Each puzzle or room consists of its own paradigms The game is designed for an immersive roomscale experience and relies on interaction and diversity in its gameplay.


We wanted out concept to implement a greater variance in VR gameplay. So we divided our project in modular rooms with different topics . Therefore, no room should use the same feature set and solution approaches as another.

Technical Information

This game was made with Unity

The target VR hardware is HTC Vive, using its roomscale feature.



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Tom Langer

Game Design

Game Programmierung

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Stefan Schwab

Game Design

Game Programmierung