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Social Journey lets you relive all your journeys and shared media with your friends, interactively on a 3D map. Discover places you or your friends have already discovered, with tagged photos and the message which outlines your thoughts of the moment.


Easily sign in with your facebook account and start your interactive journey. Send invitations to your friends to fill up your map with their journeys and be part of their map at the same time.

You and your friends

The people board lets you decide instantly which journeys you would like to relive. Your own? The journey of one friend, two friends or more friends? Everything is possible just switch a slider. This action immediately shows all location tagged posts and photos of the person in a beautiful and mea-ningful way. A click on a pin displays the original post's or photo's information and meta information such as tagged friends or the location.

Personal & true-hearted

On Social Journey, you don’t scroll down spammed timelines or have to struggle with a huge amount of 3rd party page posts and ads, we only serve personal content of real people – your friends. You can immediately explore a friend’s entire travel history after both of you joined Social Journey. Even travels past a couple of years will be visible like they happened the recent last week. Relive memories and feelings, re-explore your adventures.

No saved data – no risk

Social-Journey is always up-to-date and we do not save any information out of your or your friend’s timeline; everything is fetched live from your profile.

Customized by you

If you want to optimize your Social Journey experience, just go to your facebook profile and add a (geo-) location to your favourite posts & photos and they will show up on just a page-refresh later.


Social Journey is a web-app developed by Nicola Deufemia and Michael Andorfer, as part of the MultimediaProject 2b course of MultimediaTechnology in 2016.

With Social Journey, users can relive all their journeys interactively on a map, and not only theirs, those of their connected facebook friends too. By opening in your Chrome* browser you just need to login with your facebook account and all your geo-tagged posts and photos will be shown on the 3D globe. You instantly see which countries you or your connected friends have already discovered and the corresponding posts and photos tagged to the specific places. Social Journey fetches all information live from the user’s facebook profile – a spontaneous trip next weekend will be visible on Social Journey right after posting it to facebook. No time-consuming setup or creation of a travel history is necessary. If a photo or post is missing, go to your facebook profile and add a geolocation to your favourite posts or photos to be instantly visible on Social Journey just a page refresh later. Social Journey only shows you, what facebook would show you, so no additional consideration of privacy is needed, and hey, if you explore a post on Social Journey you want to hide or delete, just follow the direct link to the original facebook post and make your changes on it directly over facebook.

*We use a WebGL framework which works best on latest Chrome browser (desktop optimized).

You want to start over?

As this app is still in development, it is currently not open to the public - just register to our BETA program over our facebook-page to start your social-journey before any others. After you get your Beta-tester status confirmed, visit and login with your facebook account. Tell your friends and invite them to connect with the app and to participate as Beta-tester as well. For more information and to get in touch with us visit our facebook-page and be always up-to-date.



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