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moosic combines both YouTube and Soundcloud in one web application. moosic is for everyone who enjoys listening to music of free streaming providers, in fact YouTube and SoundCloud and who is upset about the fact that it is not possible to create one playlist with tracks from both providers. But forget that from now on, moosic handles this for you.

Sign up & Login Process

Either sign up with your email and a custom password or choose one of four available social login authentification methods which are in fact Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and SoundCloud. Once you are logged in, you are ready to start the enjoyment of moosic or even better music.

The Profile Page

Your profile page is the starting point of your music enjoyment. It either shows the profile picture of the social provider you have logged in with or a gravatar image if you have signed up with an email registered in your gravatar account. Moreover, your profile lists your created playlists or shows the possibility to add one if you have not created one yet.

The Search Field

At the top of the page you can see the maybe most important element of your profile page. It is the search field which provides you the possibility to search for songs in the databases of both YouTube and SoundCloud. Just insert a song title and press enter.

The Search Result Page

The search field redirects you to this page, which lists the results of your search. As default you will see results for songs matching the given title. But that is not all. You are also able to filter your search results for playlists which have been created in moosic or usernames of moosic members. This provides you the possibility to play other users playlists.

The Player

Now you are just one step away from your goal: "Enjoying Music from both YouTube and SoundCloud". Just click the "Play Button". The player opens in a new tab so you can even listen to your playlist while doing other stuff. You do not have to be concerned about the provider of the next song on the playlist. moosic evaluates which player and which song has to be loaded.

So once again, enjoy moosic.



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