Project Website for an architectural company

Website for an architectural company

MultiMediaArt & MultiMediaTechnology, 2014

To place the most important part, namely, the house - in the middle of the welcome page - was one essential part of my concept. I decided to make a side elevation of the house in order to emphasize the component parts in a better way. I also used image maps at the sketched house, this means if you click at the coloured constituent parts, you will come to the next page.

The idea of all other pages was to include an extensive represented image, to put a navigation bar on it and place the icons at the right side. And if you scroll down you have this dark blue background and e.g. all projects listed in it.

Each of the icons at the right side, is a part of or on the sketched house at the welcome page. I used them because they make actions and objects in the display easier to find and recognize and they are understandable across cultures.


First, the door, it is the entrance to the house and the entrance to the architect, so I chose it for the welcome page.

The next icon, the first and the second floor of the house stands for all projects, which the company has made.

Third picto, is a calender and it leads over to the page newsworthy.

The Fourth is the symbol for the page „Architektur der Mitte“ because the 5 issues (aesthetics, tech- nology, ecology, economy and function) form the centre of the architecture.

The Fifth is a book which leads over to the publication page.

The last one, the roof is the symbol for the contact page. If you imagine to pass the roof down from the house, you can look inside the house and if you have the adress of the company you can also have a look into the architecture office.

If you want to come to the next - as for instance the contact page - you have three possibilities: To click at the pictogram roof, the constituent parts of the house or the name of the page itself. At the PROJECT page the pictures of the projects have been extensive represented by dint of a slideshow. Naturally, this website is responsive.



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