Project VON-BIS Schmuckdesign

VON-BIS Schmuckdesign

MultiMediaArt, 2014
The project was realised within the MMP1.

Everyone has experienced the situation of urgently needing a present for a girlfriend, but simply not having any idea what to give. You don’t want to go out and actually buy something, since the present should be something personal. So, what could be more ideal than a customized, handmade piece of jewelry? A friend of my family designs and makes bracelets and necklaces, which she sells in select boutiques and to her friends. My goal was to use a website to underscore just how unique and special this jewelry is, and to create an attractive presentation of a small selection of these products. The programming part was a challenge for me, since I have never used parallax scrolling before. The website is not flawless, but it gives you an idea how it should look like und how the navigation works. Used techniques: CSS, HTML, Javascript and JQuery





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