Project OccuPI


MultiMediaTechnology, 2014

OccuPI is a Real-Time-Strategy Game where the main target is to occupy more than 50% of the area and hold it over a specific time to win the game. It is also a network game than can be played by 2 players.


A long long time ago our world consisted of one big continent. During a war of unseen proportions a giant bomb teared this chunk of land apart, splitting it and its inhabitants into two. Over the years a more nature centered community and a industrialised society developed on the separate new continents. As time progressed these masses of land converged onto another and when their shores finally met a new war broke out to conquer those new regions for the separate cultures. The different unit types are: Builder, Soldier, Assassin and Mage.


It is the most important unit in the game which special ability is to occupy areas. It is also a weaker combat unit and therefore will lose against any other unit type in a straight up fight.


The Soldier is one of the three combat units. It has a rather short range equal to the Assassin and is more effective against Assassins and has a weakness to Mages.


The Assassin is the second combat unit which has like already mentioned only a short range and is more effective against Mages and has a weakness to Soldiers.


The last unit and the artillery among our unit types is the Mage. It has a very long range and does more damage to Soldiers and is vulnerable against Assassins.

All combat units cost 1000 gold and the builder only 500 there also exist keyboard shortcuts (W – Builder, A – Assassin, S – Soldier, D – Mage).

Resource System

The Resources gained per Second correlate with the unit count through a polynomial function that is capped at a defined point, so that you at least gain 1 gold per second. Through this we hope to achieve an interesting economy without having to maintain a base.


The game is written in C++ and uses SFML as a Framework and TGUI to display the User Interface. There are also parts taken from the Acclimate Engine (Entity-Component-System, XML-Parser, Input-Basics and Model-System) that is written and maintained by Julian Watzinger.




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