Project Midna


MultiMediaArt, 2014

Midna from the Legend of Zelda - The Twilight Princess. The idea with this project was to create a character from scratch of an existing franchise. So i decided to go for Midna, which is one of the most memorable and appealing characters in the Zelda Series. But my focus was not only to model and texture the character but also to create a scene that resembles the world in which the game takes place. The body of the character was entirely made in Maya as well as the litghting enviroment, dynamics and rigging. Texturing and hard surface modeling were made with ZBrush. The most difficult thing was to achieve that twilight feeling that characterises the game. I can say i learned a lot from this project, specially how to optimse the rendering time for each frame which was at the end not greater than 1 minute considering the great amount of elements displayed in the scene.



Anonyme Person

Character Modeling