Project Die Hip Hop Maschine - Motion Graphics

Die Hip Hop Maschine - Motion Graphics

MultiMediaArt, 2014

Admit it- cartoons are awesome. During childhood, Saturday morning was the right time and place to get up early and watch cartoons while the parents were still sound asleep.

This fascination has never left me since then. Naturally I was excited to create a short animated sequence myself. In cooperation with the film department, namely the production of the music video „Die Hip Hop Maschine“ I did the intro and outro animations and some character designs in addition to a few inmovie illustrations. The project was created for entertainment purposes only and was a great practice in illustration and animation.

As far es the actual execution is concerned I used Adobe Photoshop and Flash and worked with a graphic tablet.

In addition to my uploads I want to forward the reader also to the finished movie and my presentation pdf both of which you will find under the link section on the left of this page.

In this PDF you also find additional work i had to cut out from the presentation due to time issues.

Simon Seene



Anonyme Person

Art Direction

Character Design