Bad weather and no idea what to do? Where you can look for Events and leisure facilities for a special location? In future you can look on Eventscout! Eventscout is a platform which should help to find leisure facilities and events in Austria. The site is especially for families but also for singles. The platform will be separated in two main partitions. Events and leisure facilities. All events will be shown monthly. The events will be saved in database with date and location. If the date of the event is over a week the event will be deleted. To be able to offer as many as possible events there is the possibility that there are added events third party. The second point leisure facilities, is like events. Instead of an exactly date there are details like the opening time. The offers will be shown in this month they are available. So for example if an offers is open from May to September it will only be shown in this months. There is the possibility to edit the list third party too. On both points there can be edited details like price, opening time etc. To make the search for events easier you can filter the events for date and location. Moreover you can specify the age of your children to find adequate offers because there could be offers which aren’t adequate for small children. The platform is free and for searching you haven’t to be logged in. You have to log in only if you want to change events or leisure facilities. So Eventscout is the perfect platform to plan a day with your family.



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