Project Aiqo


MultiMediaTechnology, 2013

Aiqo is a game set on the moon where you will accompany a lonely astronaut. As a player your job will be to help him get to the antennas, that seem to be the only ray of hope for our lonely companion. Maybe using them he can communicate with someone and then he will be saved?

Mechanics & Design

The whole game focuses on the theme of connections. Once you get too close to a connector (the circle shaped objects in the screenshots) it will automatically connect to you. Once connected it will influence you in some way, but first you won't know. What you can do however is breaking the connection between you and the connector. This is what the game is all about and provides interesting situations once more than 1 of these connectors start acting on you.

The game is separated into levels. In each level your end goal is to get to the antenna that is located in a place normally unreachable. Using the connectors forces and breaking connections at the right time will let you do just that.


The whole project was done in C++, the cinder library and FMOD for audio playback. The game has an inbuilt level editor for placing collisions, connectors and other relevant objects which are written to an xml file. Properties of connectors are also saved in here to allow changing properties rapidly without needing to recompile.

Special thanks to Sebastian Höhnl for providing most of the graphics for the levels.



Walk: Left & Right Arrow Keys

Break Connection: Space

Quit Game: Escape



Anonyme Person


Game Design

Game Programmierung

Level Design