Project chromatic skirmish

chromatic skirmish

MultiMediaTechnology, 2011

Chromatic Skirmish is a 2D arena shooter with shiny neon vector graphics that was inspired by the very successful 2005 XBLA title "Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved".

The Player takes control of a small spaceship and has to fend off an infinite spawn of enemies, being rewarded with points for each enemy he eliminates. The ultimate goal follows a very simple formula: survive as long as you can, and thus score as much points as possible to beat the currently set highscore.

There are 3 types of enemies in this game: QUADS, which are the most basic enemy, continuously change their size and shape and are always heading towards the player's position; SNAKES, which consist of several segments that you have to take out separately and MINES, which cannot be destroyed by the player directly, but can be wiped off the screen by activating one of the rarely and randomly spawning BOMBS which will clear almost the entire screen. The Player is equipped with a single weapon only which will increase in strength as you rack up more and more points.

Chromatic Skirmish has a particular and very colorful visual style which aims to create a retro-like vector look with a modern feel to it. This look is achieved by using a bloom shading which is more commonly known as glow.

The game was created using C++, openGL, openFrameworks and GLSL with a development time of roughly 2 months.




Daniel Guttenberg