Project noExit?


MultiMediaTechnology, 2010
noExit? is a fastpaced maze running game created and programmed by Stefan Ebner.

In noExit? your task, if you accept the mission, is to maybe escape an endless mazes mapped onto a cube in ever increasing speed.

Features: The mazes are procedurally created for every new game. The player has the option to rotate the maze clockwise or counter-clockwise but the maze will always be moving down until the player reaches an exit. Upon reaching an exit the cube will rotate into a newly created maze and generate new mazes for the cube. In Version 1.0 your primary goal is to survive as long as possible and to beat your own or others highscore.

Controls: currently only the cursor keys left and right to rotate the maze accordingly

Where: Salzburg

Why: realising my first "bigger" game on my own and apply the topics I learned sofar

Programs used: C++, openGL to draw the maze & Cube, openFrameworks to handle player input and window generation

Future: version 2.0, see my blog at